The Simple Productivity Hack That Made My Day

I’ve found the process of making a to-do list the night before works wonders for my productivity. I do however still wrestle each morning with the order in which to tackle my action-items. I usually try to start with “creative” items first, the ones that require outside the box thinking. This allows me to focus on reactionary and repetitive tasks later in the day. Inspired by an article I read in Business Insider I decided to make a slight adjustment to this process. 

photo 1.JPG

Instead of starting with the creative action-items I started with the ones that made me the most uncomfortable. The result actually surprised me. Not only was I relieved after knocking them out first, it allowed me to focus on the other items without having them in the back of my mind all day. The jury is still out but I think this might be a process I stick with moving forward.