Concept: Agile Creativity + Process: The Lean Startup

Recently I had a candid conversation with an advertising executive who acknowledged the need to develop new internal process to meet today's client needs. These needs are largely in part due to the disruptive nature of technology and the increased emphasis being put on results based metics. The conversation led me to revisit some of the innovation management principles I've reviewed in the past from Peter Drucker to design thinking. During that time I came across the Lean Start-Up methodology. It's funny, I heard about Eric Ries' process some time ago but didn't think it was applicable to the marketing and advertising industry. However, as social technology continues to evolve without a clear and predictable roadmap we'll need new ways to quantify our successes and learn quickly through rapid experimentation. The Lean Startup might just be one of these new methods we use to do so.

Agile Creativity

The Lean Startup Methodology