Google+ is Dead, Again

This week Google's head of Google+ Vic Gundotra announced he was leaving the company and the blogosphere started speculating about the demise of the product. I think they are wrong, again. Lets forget for a second that these same pundits who predict the demise of Facebook ahead of every earnings call. The next battle for social media dominance won't be a destination on the web, it's going to be about "user identity" and just as the comparison between Facebook and Myspace was wrong back in the day, so is the comparison between Facebook and Google+ now. By the way, Vic Gundotra pointed out the comparison issue back in 2012

That said, to suggest that Google+ will go the way of Google Buzz is ridiculous in my opinion. They clearly still have some work to do when it comes to explaining the concept to people. But to suggest social media platforms haven't evolved beyond destinations on the web and that Google isn't a serious player in the space is no different than suggesting Facebook would already be dead simply because it's being viewed through the lens of Myspace. Google is simply adjusting the product based on the lessons it learned from Facebook. Consider their new Ad Post product a sign of things to come.

"Make the entire web your social platform."