Telling Better Stories in the Context of Social Search

Gary Vaynerchuk did a great job at 99U explaining the importance of understanding the nuanced behavior of users on any given platform. These platforms by the way aren't limited to the usual suspects, it actually also includes search. The Zero Moment of Truth website has some good information on the topic.

What does any of this have to do with Social Search? 

The importance of realtime engagement has been shifting for some time now towards contextual story telling. It's now less about having content "go viral" with lazy best practices and more about proactively creating relevant information to be surfaced when users are trying to find answers. Now companies like Facebook are no longer waiting for marketers to figure it out and create more meaningful and relevant content. They are empowering their users by creating tools to reduce the friction of sharing while promoting relevant content discovery. Chris Cox has made it abundantly clear he wants to help users find meaningful content, not memes. This will ultimately result in a more accurate representation of each user's interest graph, similar to the one Google is building with Google+. The introduction of Paper is Facebook's first big step into this space since Graph Search was introduced and is worth paying close attention to. 2014 promised to be an eventful year in this space and we need to adjust accordingly

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