A Conversation with Nate about Our Hopes for Andre

As I clear my throat and channel my inner Alex Blumberg. Those of you who know me or follow me on twitter know I enjoy the watching video interviews and presentations of authors who’s books I enjoy. What I love about this content format is how honest and unfiltered they tend to be. 

Lately as a result of few project I’ve been working on I’ve discovered a new breed of podcasts including the Tim Ferris Show and Gimlet Media podcasts. I really like how well their conversations translate into an audio format making it easier to listen to while multitasking, which is why I decided to use it here. At the end of the day it makes both recording and listening more efficient. 

A Few things worth mentioning: 

The first is the structure of the conversation. Nate and I had a general idea of what we wanted to talk about but intentionally didn’t get too caught up on the format. The second is the audio quality. It’s not the greatest but it’s not horrible either. I’ll be improving this in future recordings.  

Lastly, my goal here isn’t to create a podcast in the traditional sense of the word, at least not in the near future. My goal here was simply to capture our conversation as authentically as possible, audio just happened to be the best medium for doing so.

Without further adieu, below is a portion of the conversation I recently had with Nate about our hopes for A.D.

Links We Referenced during our Conversation

2014 Ferguson Unrest
Song: Yes We Can
Digital Natives