I Gave Ben Horowitz's book The Hard Thing About Hard Things 5 Stars

I usually prefer to read business books with insights gained for historical case studies. The last book I read, Zero to One by Peter Thiel being one such book. It was an interesting read, full of historical context and future predictions but it felt lacking when it came to practical advice. I’ve been looking for a good book on management and I think I’ve finally found one in Ben Horowitz’s The Hard Thing About Hard Things. I’ll admit, I follow Ben’s blog but assumed his book was just going to be more of the same. This was until I started watching a few interviews he did while promoting the book. Not only was he candid about the challenges he faced as a CEO, he also provides practical advice regarding managing one’s emotions during what he calls “war times.

I’d recommend watching the interview and lecture below to get a feel for his style before reading his book. I found myself reading it in his voice and communication style after doing so, this made it that much more of an entertaining read.