Day One entries and the hashtag #GoogleStepUp

Coffee and Conversation

Met up with one of my mentors and friend Ken Friberg. We caught up and he gave me some awesome, actionable feedback on a few initiatives I am currently working on for The Advertising Federation of Minnesota.

Google for Entrepreneurs StepUp Achieve Event

CoCoSTEP-UP AchieveMpls, and Google teamed up to help high school students get ready for summer employment. I was seriously blown away by these students. Not only did they develop a business plan from scratch in less than a day, they also got up and pitched their ideas to a room full of people. These weren't silly start-ups either, these students tackled online bullying, peep to peer learning, peer to peer mentoring and reducing the high school drop out rate.

The photo recap of the day can be found here: #GoogleStepUp

Day One Dudes

Met up with Mark and Shawn, talked about life and the pursuit of happiness. They schooled me on the nuances of the hashtag and how they find the bloggers they follow. We also shared how we each used various social networks and blogging platforms.

Path, Linkedin, Google PlusTwitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Day OneSpotify, Squarespace and of course Facebook

The Bachelor Party

Rounded out the night with some of my closest friends discussing everything from business to philosophy to bitcoins and everything in between.

Prepping the Archive


Sorted through the photos I took at the CoCo event. Thanks to Ken I've finally figured out how to set my ISO to auto, a tip I learned from Jay this week at the #adfedmn mentorship event.

Organizing Action-items

Finishing out the weekend awesomeness by writing this blog post and getting my action-items for the upcoming week figured out.